Let’s stay seated.

Read all six chapters of EPHESIANS as if it were a letter to you.

Because it is. 

Read it aloud (or lip it). Do this at least once a week for the whole month of September.




Then, let me know what you get from it.

We are in the month of Elul, the month when the King is in the field instead of the palace. This is our time to approach our King and let His face shine upon all that seek Him. In this month of repentance, mercy, and forgiveness, approach the King and be received in graciousness.

These are the days known as a haven in time. We enter a city of refuge from the cares and woes of material life. It is also the time to prepare for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. The Days of Awe are near. Repent for the failings of the past, and resolve to increase in the future. We can fix what is broken, and a month to be nurtured by the Almighty. Submit your emotions and actions to Him.

The Hebrew letter associated with Elul is YUD, meaning that "God has appointed us mercy from His hand." Relationally speaking, let's paraphrase from Song of Solomon - we are God's beloved, and He is our Beloved too. Rest under the banner of His love.

Scriptures of interest: 2 Samuel 19:8, Ecclesiastes 5:9, Song of Solomon 2:4, 6:3


The Book of the Moment is:

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Learn to pray strategically,

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Be seated in the heavenlies.

Speak what Holy Spirit gives you. 

Are you ready for the big time? This is our season.

We're the Love and Prayer Capital of the World.


You are lions, and champions.

It's time to roar!