The Purpose of Astounding Love

Friday, February 20, 2020 5AM Prayer Call – a partial transcription of a conversation between Dr. Baker and the Spirit of the Lord.

I repent. I repent. And I cry out for help, for deliverance. To deliver us from these systems. To deliver us from these systems….

“That’s why, Daughter, I told you in My word, to seek the kingdom first. 

Seek the kingdom first.  And then everything you need is added to you. So that you can live above, all the circumstances. This, is what I will teach and train Astounding Love in.  You wonder why you’ve gone through so much? 

It’s because of what you were birthed for. Why did you get birthed through More Than Enough? Come up here and think on that. 

And it only happens, you can only live above the earthly system when you recognize, when you receive My astounding love, and then when you give it. Freely you received it and freely you give it. And you will see yourself, this ministry, with all these different tentacles going out, and helping others. 

That’s why you were born. That’s why the ministry was born. That’s Astounding Love’s purpose. 

Look at its Destiny Statement. Look at its Vision. Look at its Mission. Look at More Than Enough Ministries. Look at all the words on the wall. 

Wake yourself up, Girl, and look at what I said. And then believe it. And then walk in it. Don’t just let Me speak this to you this morning, and then you forget it as you go through the day. 

You take this down, and you take this in your heart. And you take this into your life, and every person that comes through that door, every person that says that they’re a part of this, you get this into them. 

You let them know why More Than Enough Ministries. Why Astounding Love came out of More Than Enough Ministries. 

Because I Am More Than Enough. I Am The Supplier Of Astounding Love. I supply Astounding Love; I give you great…I bless your business. I bless your jobs. I bless those. 

So that they can do what I want them to do, in this; so that they are freely able to give into the ministry. And I will bless those that bless you. Because you will complete My purpose. This ministry will complete its purpose. 

It was birthed for this reason. It was birthed for that. Out of Astounding Love will flow My love. It will be a love that people have not experienced. Because you’re willing to pay the price. 

You’re willing for the ridicule, you’re willing to be walked on, you’re willing for that. And you will do it and you will not complain. You’ll walk through the fire, but you will not be burned. You’ll walk in deep waters, but you will not drown. So you continue to seek the kingdom, My kingdom. 

And when you seek it and you walk in it and you operate in it, everything you need will be added to you. And it will not look like any other ministry. 

I didn’t call out these different places, for them to look like every person, everything to look the same way. Because each one is going into a different territory. 

Just as Paul said, I became all things, to all men, that I might win some. 

So you, are to look like this, and smell like this, so that you can draw those that I have given you to be drawn to you. If you try to smell like this one, and look like this one, you will stink! 

And you will stunt, and you will keep those away that I intend to come. Freedom. And you’re gonna show people what true freedom is. 

Astounding Love.” 

Oh, I worship You. I praise You. Thank You, Holy Spirit…What do I do now?

“Believe. Make a choice, you believed that you’ve heard Me. And if you believe that you’ve heard Me, then you obey Me. 

And you don’t take it lightly. (sound of snoring) And you don’t do what that one’s doing, just sleeping through it. But only those that are awake, in the Spirit, awake in life, can hear. Those who have ears, let them hear; what I, the Spirit is saying to this ekklesia.” 


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