Frederick & Patricia Johnson

Astounding Love! New York

Husband and wife, Frederick and Patricia Johnson are the NY Coordinators. Their responsibilities include organizing to make sure that what is done in New York aligns with what is done in San Jose. We have the same spirit with a different operation.

Patricia Ann Johnson has the Pastor's heart. She serves in leadership on the church board, and is also the co-leader of the Pastoral Love Department. A savvy business owner, Patricia is a true leader within her local Brooklyn community and the city of New York; leading fundraisers, dance classes and helping to establish proper protocols in child care.

Frederick is a communicator and scribe. An integral part of the Audio Visual Communications department, he reaches out to the digital community. Whether it’s sending announcements around the world to members, friends and guests of our ministry, or sharing about the ministry to the people he meets, Frederick tells the Astounding Love! story

Frederick serves as CEO of COMMUNION, a communications company. Through technology, New York has become the communications hub that reaches the congregation and guests living in the New York area, Miami, Ohio, Michigan, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, North Carolina, Oklahoma, other parts of California, and overseas.